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Specialising in the treatment and support of horse riders


As riders we all know the importance of looking after our horses backs – but what about ourselves?

Think its not important unless your in pain and injured?

Think again!

Subtle changes in a riders posture, flexibility and movement will affect both their effectiveness as a rider and the horses way of going

Find yourself constantly suffering from one of the following…

Uneven stirrup leathers

Stiffness always on one rein, no matter which horse you ride

Struggling to keep the correct leg/arm or shoulder posture

Difficulty riding lateral movements

Then have read of the rest of this site to see how osteopathy could help you improve as a rider

” I highly recommend Sandra and her Osteopathic treatments to support all horse riders. As a BHS instructor and Coach I often see riders horsemanship skills limited by their physical issues rather than their riding skills. Riders need to invest in themselves as well as their horses to maximise their potential”

Jo Winfield FBHS



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